Thursday, March 15, 2012

NadinePereira.Com Launches !!!

For the past 3 weekends I have been working day and night with an awesome graphic designer, a true artist helping her build her portfolio website. Since none of the Wordpress templates impressed us we decided to build the website from scratch.

The website entitled "From Idea To Design" launched a couple of days back. It is built on the lines of “Focus on what's important”, “Keep it clean and simple”, “That 1px adjustment matters”.

So go ahead, please have a look at As always your feedback, would be much appreciated.

Till next time ...

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Using multiple versions of JQuery on a single page

It's simple. You just need to the use the noConflict method. noConflict relinquishes jQuery's control of the $ variable.

I've written a small code snippet below.Here the page first loads jQuery v1.3 and then v1.7.1.

As soon as the later loads I call the noConflict method and define an alias in order to use version 1.7.1. Now if you notice "$" gives me access to v1.3 while "$j" is v1.7.1 specific.

Till next time ...