Sunday, September 18, 2011

The story of "How Postman got featured in The Mumbai Mirror"

Its been around 4 months since Postman was available on the Android Market. With around 962 downloads and around 30 (5 star) ratings it was doing "Well".But who wants their product to do just well? "Awesome" ,"Kickass" ,"The most downloaded application" now that's what I want for Postman.

So here is the story of "How Postman got featured in The Mumbai Mirror"

It was Monday morning around 3.30 AM when I tweeted about Postman to one of Mumbai Mirror's reporters "Kunal Pradhan". Within minutes he replied back to my tweet indicating to get in touch with "Jaison Lewis ".I then spent around 2 minutes trying to search for his twitter handle and redirected my tweet to him. After this I called it a night.

On Tuesday around 9.30 AM Jasion replies back to my tweet stating he was "Looking into my android app".I was happy but I had no clue what was in store for me the next day.

It was a normal Wednesday (14th September 2011).I got up around 9.30 AM and as usual I scanned The Times Of India and Mumbai Mirror for top stories.When I reach page 28 of The Mumbai Mirror (Tech Section) I was ecstatic ,excited ,and for a moment couldn't believe my eyes. To cut to the point Postman was featured in the Mobile app section.

It was a proud day in my life and a big milestone for Postman.

Till next time ...