Friday, April 1, 2011

Postman beta launches today

So after 2 weeks of working 18 hours a day, the beta of my android application "Postman"  launched today.

Postman in short is a personal message assistant for your Android phone. I shall let some of the images do the talking. It works on any android phone running a version greater than 1.6. 

A big thank you to :
  • Sandeep Shetty : The creator of , for putting the seed of thought in my head to create an message filter application
  • Vikrama Dhiman : For his awesome suggestions and feedback.
  • Nadine Pereira : The one who designed Postman's logo and "The best graphic designer ive worked with".
  • My Dad : Who let me use his Android phone to do some USB debugging and testing (Since I don't have an android phone ;) )
Hope you guys like the idea of Postman and try it out soon.

Till next time ...


  1. All the best buddy. I am sure this will be a HIT!

  2. Rockstar ! Good Luck mate ! I second SPM, it will be a Hit !