Saturday, March 26, 2011

One word for the USB debugging feature on the android phone .... "Awesome"

Even though practically everything is possible from the emulator, I wanted to check out the USB debugging functionality in my android phone.It was super simple to setup

  • Enable the USB Debugging option under Applications->Development.
  • Before plugging in your phone you need to install the USB adb drivers ( if your running on windows).These drivers are vendor specific so you can download the appropriate one from here.
  • Plug in the phone and hit run->cmd-> adb "deviceid" connect and viola your in..... 

Some points to note
  • In order to debug the attribute android:debuggable="true" in the application tag of the AndroidManifest.xml is mandatory.
  • Access to the SQLite database on your phone directly from adb (like the way it works when using the emulator) is not allowed .If you do try it you would be greeted with a Security error. One workaround to read the database, would be to transfer it to the memory card and then read it locally.

And yeah its as easy as that.So simple but yet so powerful !!

Till next time....

Friday, March 11, 2011

Say hi to your android "Postman"

How often did you tell yourself  "Damn I wish I could block that SMS ?" or "Why does Android NOT come with an option to create Sms's Filters and move them to specific folders."

So say hello to "Postman".  Postman is an application that you would want to install and use as a replacement, instead of the standard boring messaging client that ships with your android phone.

Some of the main features that would make you want to use Postman are :
  • Store messages in appropriate folders
  • Create multiple filters based on the senders numbers or a particular message body and move them to specified folders.
  • Completely block an Sms from even reaching your phone
  • Back and Restore Sms's on any android phone

And for you geeks out there the application will be completely open source so you could tweak it to your fancy.

An initial very rough mock-up of how the main interface would look

I am just in the initial phase of developing Postman and would be done with a beta version that would hit the android market in a few months.

Do you like the idea of Postman ? and have any suggestions that you would like Postman to do for you when you receive an SMS?  Do let me know by, reaching me at or post a comment here or even follow my blog .Looking forward to hearing from you...

Till next time...