Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Benchmarking Tomcat 6.0.32 and Resin 3.1.3 Pro

So we are in the process of migration from Resin 3.1.3 Pro to Tomcat 6.0.32. So the questions haunting my mind were “What if Resin is actually better than Tomcat”? Will Tomcat handle load? Will it serve static content faster than Resin? . To answer all these questions I configured JMeter and ran a quick test.

What did the test consist of ?
Made a call to the login page of my application which included (6 static calls,1 call to a jsp and 2 to servlets).Configured Jmeter to create 350 concurrent clients. Hence each client made the 9 calls which resulted in a total of 3150 Requests in all.

What was the Raw Result?
While performing the test even though the network traffic on my laptop got real slow, I tried accessing the page served by both resin and tomcat from another pc and it was very responsive. Also monitored the CPU & memory usage on the server and didn't notice any spikes .Tomcat hardly used 350 MB of memory during the load. Check the screen shots below.

What’s my conclusion?
The results are very very close .Resin's throughput (49.9 requests/min) was a bit higher than that of Tomcat (47.7 requests/min). I am assuming it’s because most of the files were static .One could further tweak Tomcat's thread creation to handle more requests and may also think of running apache over tomcat (tried setting it up and its quite simple to configure).But in short if your replacing Resin with Tomcat ,I am sure Tomcat would perform just as well as Resin.

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